I stop for a few moments and like to just remember all the great things that have happen this year, how far I’ve come along, the way I am able to just channel the bad into something good.

For those still fighting those hardship battles, keep the fight and know you’ll eventually come out on top. 


It’s been a rainy third week for Dallas. Exploring the cities around Dallas, hoping I get a gold mine soon that will satisfy my photo taste bugs.


Better Out Than In

Banksy latest piece in his on going New York exhibit. It’s a slaughterhouse delivery truck is carrying 60 stuffed animals (or puppets) - cows, chickens, pigs, lambs - who are seen moving their heads through wooden slats. This isn’t just a visual installation, however. The animals can also be heard squealing and banging their against the sides of the “Farm Fresh Meats Inc” truck.